Diagnosis Fees effective 1/1/2021

Effective 1/1/2021 we will be charging a diagnosis fee on all equipment that is not repairable or customer does not want to repair due to cost or excessive damage to equipment. If customer chooses to donate equipment & we can use the parts off of equipment we will not charge diagnosis But that must be approved by owner of shop only. We apologize for the fee but we want to spend more time on the equipment that needs our expertise & attention.

The charges are as followed:

Lawn Mowers                                    $20.00

Weed Wackers                                   $8.00

Blowers                                                $8.00

Power Washers                                 $10.00

Tillers                                                   $10.00

Snow Blowers                                   $15.00

Tractors                                             $35.00

Including pickups & drop offs 

Hydrostatic & Z-Turns                   $55.00

Walk-Behinds                                   $45.00


Additional equipment will be added if necessary.